Peer Review One

This week I was tasked with reviewing Hassan Abdullahi’s website, which looks to be a well-made professional portfolio. While there isn’t a huge amount of actual content to go off of yet – as it is only the third week of the course – I can review some of the design decisions made so far and how it reflects the professional self.

It seems like the website is going through some pretty major and sweeping changes – it changed in the time it took me to stop procrastinating on this assignment – but hopefully some of the input on the current (as of 23/01/20) iteration will help continue to evolve it’s representation of the professional self.

Starting at the top, I like the navigation bar. It’s simple but effective and gets all the details across; who they are, what they do and how to contact them. Because it’s a portfolio, that is the important information, even if some of the pages aren’t up yet… The logo is nice and it fits well with the colour scheme, but I would recommend shrinking it a bit or using it on the title bar. The design of the website itself is suprisingly nice and minimal, super reader accessible and scan friendly – and the headers

The brand itself is being presented well. The colours and dynamic layout of the content seem enthusiastic and incite curiosity about what the brand is. One thing I really like is how most of the information is available from the front page. The front page page banner does an excellent job of presenting the who the author is and what they do, which is followed up by the about me section, then projects and contact information. It flows well and (probably) increases your brands ‘stickyness‘.

The content itself is also very well done. Navigating the projects is easy and presentation is clean. It is also clearly build with future projects in mind, as it already has a tag system implemented. Contact information is always present but not intrusive. One thing to note is the social media buttons are currently still default – I would recommend removing them or updating them, depending how connected you want your website to your social media, otherwise it’s confusing.

Overall I think this site is a really well executed presentation of a professional self. It promotes the person, their products and their services in a clean and easy to navigate format.

P.S. Love the pink hair.

P.P.S I’m gonna buy one of your sweaters

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